Living with personal assistance

What are your habits, dreams and life goals? Who are the people close to you, and how can we make your day better?

Personal assistance helps you lead a dignified life with your disability, ensuring your needs are met. But to make sure we find the best solution for you, first we have to get to know you. We want to know about your wishes and requirements, your hopes and dreams.

Your best you, every day

We know that not everyone has the ability to lead an active life, but we do believe that even small changes can make a big difference for people who can’t be active by themselves. Sometimes this could simply be getting outdoors for some fresh air and sunlight one afternoon.

It’s all about dedication

Our motto is that everyone can be “Your best you, every day”. With care knowledge and good social skills, we can create the right assistance for you, with dignity. With our dedication you can rest assured with your assistance, because everyone does their best to see that you get the special assistance you need.

Assistance on your terms

Needless to say, you select your own team and decide when you want your assistance to take place. We help you with planning, recruitment and scheduling. We take care of all the administration involved when changing assistance provider, so that you can be your best you, every day. Your assistance staff always work under fair and decent terms, since we are linked to Vårdföretagarna (the Swedish Association of Private Care Providers) and have signed the relevant collective agreements.

It’s easy to become a Livsam client

We meet

You tell us what kind of assistance you want, and we tell you about Livsam and how we work. Your life and situation are unique – so as we talk through out services together, we find solutions and tailor the services to your needs and wishes.

You think about it

The key now is to secure a good decision. Maybe you need help with your assistance decision, or recruiting staff? Questions about assistance costs? Would you like to meet your team’s client account manager? We talk through all your questions.

We go ahead

When you’ve made a decision, we meet again and sign an agreement. We then deal with all contacts with authorities, cancel any previous assistance contracts, recruit any assistants you need and help you with your assistance decision.


Once the contract with your previous assistance provider has come to an end, or your assistance case has been approved, we take over and you become a client of us here at Livsam.

Questions about becoming a client?

Feel free to request a meeting so you can ask questions about personal assistance and explain how you want your assistance solution to work. Enter your details and we’ll be in touch within three days.