Work with us

As a personal assistant, you will be a very important part of another person’s life. You will also be part of a team that helps ensure someone’s life works, and through your work that person will have many great experiences.

Assistance can be anything from picking something up off the floor, to helping another person experience a whole new country. We are proud of our dedicated assistants, who help so many people with such a wide range of disabilities.

It’s all about dedication

The absolute key to everything we do is dedication. Dedication must permeate our entire organisation. For us dedication is about having the courage to take responsibility, and we believe the way to do this is by knowledge and expertise.

Wellness, naturally

We believe that keeping active is good for your health. And to ensure our employees stay active and healthy, we give them a wellness contribution which can be used to buy a gym pass, some massages or other more basic activities. The well-being of all our employees is important to us.

Job openings

As a personal assistant, you become a very important person in another person's life. Are you one of the committed and reliable people we are looking for?